Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dread Fleet Lethargy

Dread Fleet arrived, a while ago.

I opened the box, had a poke around, decided: "hmm, that's lovely" in a very resigned sort of way - while staring at sprues and sprues of assembling and painting that would be required of me.

I packed it back up, but kept the rule book out and about. I have to admit, I haven't even opened that yet; other than a skim through to see the amount of grokking that would be required.

I'm fairly sick of all the assembling and painting that GW games require. Sure sure, it's "to give you the pleasure of doing it yourself, so you can create a distinct looking army (or whatever) by both posing and painting differently to others". A more cynical Craig might think that it's to keep costs down and avoid paying any sweat shops (a fair wage) to do the assembling.

DF Lethargy = GW burnout? Nope, I'm still enthusiastic about getting some new Dwarf units done - even though I've spent sod all time painting them.


  1. I knew I would be in the same boat so I avoided getting Dreadfleet. Its just too much of an investment of my time to play what amounts to a boardgame. There are far better games out there that take far less effort to play.

  2. I've put mine off until Xmas, where there may be a chance I'll put it together. I know EXACTLY what you mean though. I haven't even punched 3rd ed Space Hulk yet, and that's an awesome game.

  3. @redmanphill: That's it fella, just rub that salt right in there :P
    You're right though, what's even worse is reviews of dreadfleet aren't that great.
    I still plan on getting to it as it will be especially useful for a campaign I'm playing in (plug: - and the miniatures are lovely. But right now? *mleh*.

    Who are you kidding, free time at Christmas? I'll cross my fingers for you...

    Space Hulk took me an entire day of delicate removal from sprues. Even taking my time I broke the SM Captain - he has some very delicate trailing wotsits from his belt, and one snapped off as it was attached to the damn sprue - super glue fixed it, but grrr.

    It's a great game that doesn't make it out of my cupboard enough.


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