Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nice paint job

It's not mine, I was browsing around seeing what there is to see.
I can't link to the photo in place as the author has turned off sharing.
You'll have to go clicky:

I like how the painter hasn't used too much (any?) gold on his Dwarves.
Also, the black & silver on the longbeards looks quite good. I think I saw a unit in the Dwarf rulebook with the black / silver colour scheme.
In the Longbeards again, I notice he's used a darkened blood red / gore red as the main uniform colour. Looks quite well.


  1. Hey...came across this today. thanks for appreciating my dwarves. I'm glad you like the scheme. It is my first army, so wasn't sure how it would turn out. cheers!

  2. I'd say they turned out spiffingly well, wouldn't you? :)
    Good job!


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