Monday, June 27, 2011

Holiday painting

So I've fallen off the wagon with regards to my painting & assembly plans. The guilt & enthusiasm have been slowly combining in equal measures.
Kuffeh's recent longbeard post (and the other one with the BSB for that matter) got me thinking. I have a week of holidays soon, which are not at home (i.e. no painting supplies). Would it be possible to squeeze enough into a case to get some assembly and painting done?

EDIT: I'm flying to destination. Will the citadel paint pots explode?
Thinking of what happens to water bottles, they probably would. Shoot.

I'm a kitchen sinker when travelling, and I just know that if I don't get everything in I'll be sitting there doing some painting and thinking - "damn! why didn't I bring that thing X, I totally need it to paint thing Y. Gorram".

In reality though, if I beat the kitchen sink compulsion, even if I forget something I could surely get some assembly and base coating / base painting done.


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