Thursday, October 20, 2011

Undercoat colours

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I used to be a black under-coater. I recently switched to white, to see if it brought out the lighter colours, it does - but I found that grey was suggested on one or two of the innumerable painting tutorials / websites so I've been giving that a go. It works quite well I think.

The main reason I'm switching around the base coat colour is citadel paints oranges & yellows.

They are very watery and require many coats (seemingly regardless of undercoat colour?). Maybe I'm a lazy painter and all other paint brands require multiple coats, or maybe it's citadel. Shrug.

Caveats: I'm no expert painter, I do not consider myself much of a model painter - I wouldn't enter anything on CoolMiniOrNot, I only do some small amount of highlighting, I do use Army Painter's Quickshade.


  1. Get yourself a set of gw foundation paints. They have great coverage. There's a foundation basecoat for any colour you might want. As you know, I use a ton of yellow in my undead, and I still use a black undercoat, then a coat of the appropriate foundation colour, then your chosen colour, voila, smooth basecoat.

  2. In my experience a lot brands have this problem with red, orange and yellows. I'm afraid it's just how the pigments work.

  3. I use a number of different techniques to undercoat my miniatures.

    Flintloque - Mainly Black Undercoat and bright almost cartoon-ey colours.

    Flash Gordon - A mix of Black and sometimes very dark brown. I have on occasions used White.

    Aeronef - White undercoat.

    Terrain - Again a mix mainly white but I have also used Black and Brown.

    In summary - I believe that the choice of undercoat is dependent on the figure, the intended colour scheme and personal preference. I would suggest trying ALL undercoating styles and not thinking that you have to stick to just ONE.

    I hope that this helps.


  4. Cheers for the suggestions. I unknowingly had some suitable GW foundation paints already so I'll give them a bash.

    Roger that, I guess that's what I'm already doing. Experimenting until I find what I like - or at least know enough to estimate the outcome of a particular basecoat.


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