Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dwarves vs Dwarfs

This is a short one.
Basically, I couldn't care less if it has Dwarfs on the front of the army book.
It offends me every time I see it written. I actually find Dawi pretty annoying too.
It's Dwarves ok? Bleedin' Dwarves. It's a goddamn plural.

That's what I thought until I started googling the subject.

Dwarfs is philologically correct as the plural of Dwarf.
Have a read of this if you're interested, it's Dwarfs vs Dwarves.

I suppose as I'm incorrect about the spelling, I'd have to say I'm with Bill Poser.
It doesn't matter how it's spelled I'll still pronounce it 'dworvz'.


  1. I have personally always seen it as GW trying to make their 'dwarf' army seem different to the Tolkien usage of the term.

  2. That's what I thought, but that they were trying to distance themselves from standard English rather than just Tolkien. I was wrong though!


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