Thursday, September 13, 2012

FMH 0.68

"We az got da powah now."

Just released to market, it'll be up there soon.
Get V0.68 here.

Thanks to Aussie Gamer Vaughan Keyburn for all his notes on O&G bugs.

O&G bug fixes listed here.

  • Demigryphs armour was  heavy armour, fixed to be full plate armour (and extra point of armour save).
  • Derpy Mounts: I implemented mount attacks in combat in v0.50. Unittests showed that they were totally broken, the mounts would act as their parent unit and just use their stat line when attacking i.e. Demigryph knight mounts would use their knights statline when attacking. Fixed.
    Demigryph's (and other mounts) are a lot better now. Sorry about that.
  • Cavalry Mounts were receiving supporting attacks. Mounts should not get supporting attacks. Fixed.

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