Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fantasy MathHammer is 4th!

When I published Fantasy MathHammer(FMH) to Google Play, if you searched for 'warhammer' you'd find FMH about half way down the second page, which means it ranked in about 36th place.

If you search for 'warhammer' in google play now FMH is FOURTH!
Great success. \o/


  1. Heh, seems silly to be happy to be fourth! It reminds me of 'the sound of second place' lucozade addvert:

  2. Actually you where third on the list... and by the way my HTC Desire crashed when I launched the app! Not trying that again..

    1. Hooray for 3rd :)

      I've had a few reports about the HTC Desire.
      I'm trying to get a HTC Desire handset so I can see what's up.


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