Monday, September 19, 2011


Where's Nemo?
I'm sure the small Warhammer corner of the internet has already been abuzz about Dreadfleet, this post will add another hundredth of a decibel. I'm not sure Dreadfleet will be any good, and ordering a pre-order game without knowing how it plays, or having any idea of rule balance would be absolute madness right?

Yeaaah... I had clicked on pre-order as soon as I saw the Nautilus/Kraken a-like:

Game highlights (other than the obvious) include:
  • The GW site says: "It's[the seascape gaming mat] also completely uncreasable (which isn't a real word, but then neither is uncrumplable)", interesting...
  • Complete game in a box
  • 2 main players but you can also play up to 10 people (a ship each)
  • I'm not particularly looking forward to more painting.
  • heck it's expensive
It could be super useful, for models if nothing else, for sea warfare in the campaign that's we'll be kicking off soon. See CampaignHammer for highlights.

Here's the (IMO amateurish) GW video for Dreadfleet:


  1. OooOOo..Finger hovering over the order button. The Kraken is a chaos dwarf ship, by the way...

  2. Am I not allowed to like Chaos Dwarf stuff? :)
    LOOK AT IT! It's freakin amazeballs.

  3. It is 'amazeballs' as you put it. The ethereal ship is pretty damn sweet too. Get yourself down for a game when you get it. I command you.

    You can like chaos dwarf stuff, sure, but check yourself for tusks, extra limbs, a penchant fro slavery and so on.


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